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How to Make a Smashing Cup of Tea

You love drinking loose-leaf tea. Loose-leaf teas have the fullest flavors, richest aromas, and most antioxidants of any kind of tea. You’d love to make yourself a cup… but you don’t know what you’re doing.

Right this way!  In this how-to guide, I’ll outline all the equipment you need, provide a step-to-step guide, and point you to some places to get all of your tea fixings!

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What Tea Should I Start With? (And Where Do I Get It?)

Before you get started making tea, you gotta have tea. But where to begin? What’s a good “starter” tea? Where can you even get loose-leaf tea here in ‘Murica, not just the tea bags at the grocery store?

In this post, I’ll give you a primer on some different teas, then I’ll point you along to some beginner-friendly tea stores so you can get teas without buying five pounds at a time.

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