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Hi guys!

Steep Inclined is not dead! It has been dormant for about two months, and that is most regrettable. BUT! I am going to be reviving and revamping this blog within the next few weeks.

The focus of this blog is going to shift a little. Although I had originally intended it to be a beginner’s tea blog, I am more likely going to be moving toward a “tea guide” to different kinds of teas. I will still retain my original posts in an archive, and I will be hyperlinking and providing resources for beginners where I see fit.

Also keep an eye out – I’m probably going to change the title.

I can’t wait to start posting again! Keep steeping, and I’ll see you soon!

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Tea Primer: Herbal Teas


Chamomile and rose tea.

Need chamomile tea to fall asleep?  Yerba mate to stay awake?  Love the taste of lavender tea?  Wondering what the heck rooibos is?  Enter the wide world of herbal teas!

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My tea interview!

Hey guys! I completed a brief tea interview with Drink Militia, talking about autumn teas and such. They put out a different interview each season, and it’s completed by all kinds of tea and coffee drinkers.

Check it out here!

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How To: Store Loose Leaf Tea

Good tea doesn’t last forever. Unlike wines, teas usually lose their spark over time. Properly storing your tea will get the most out of its shelf life! Continue reading

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Tea Primer: Oolongs

Oo… what?

From bai haos to tieguanyins, oolongs are what some call “the champagne of teas” – complex, subtle, and very flavorful. But you don’t need to be a tea expert to love them!

Here’s your primer to the incredible oolong.

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