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Tea Guide: Earl Grey

512px-Cup_of_Earl_Gray“Tea, Earl Grey, hot!” Even if your only experience with tea is hearing Captain Picard ordering his favorite beverage from the Enterprise’s food replicator, you’ve probably heard of Earl Grey. Brisk and delicate at the same time, ever-popular Earl Grey tea is perfect for everything from your morning caffeine kick to your Downton Abbey-themed tea party. But there’s more to the Earl than you might think!

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On Discovering Tea

Tea for two. By naama ym. CC BY-SA 2.0.


How can you make the best cup of tea possible? Well, knowing your way around your teas helps, as does having your teapot, kettle, and infuser and a dab hand at steeping. But I’ve found that as I sip, having a certain mindset will make any cup, even a less than perfect one, a rewarding experience.

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Tea Primer: Pu Erh

Pu erhs are truly a tea like no other.

Whether you are ready to explore the most fascinating of Chinese teas, have heard people talk about how healthy it is, or just want to know the difference between a sheng and a shu, this post is all about pu erh!

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Tea Primer: Oolongs

Oo… what?

From bai haos to tieguanyins, oolongs are what some call “the champagne of teas” – complex, subtle, and very flavorful. But you don’t need to be a tea expert to love them!

Here’s your primer to the incredible oolong.

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How to Make a Smashing Cup of Tea

You love drinking loose-leaf tea. Loose-leaf teas have the fullest flavors, richest aromas, and most antioxidants of any kind of tea. You’d love to make yourself a cup… but you don’t know what you’re doing.

Right this way!  In this how-to guide, I’ll outline all the equipment you need, provide a step-to-step guide, and point you to some places to get all of your tea fixings!

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What Tea Should I Start With? (And Where Do I Get It?)

Before you get started making tea, you gotta have tea. But where to begin? What’s a good “starter” tea? Where can you even get loose-leaf tea here in ‘Murica, not just the tea bags at the grocery store?

In this post, I’ll give you a primer on some different teas, then I’ll point you along to some beginner-friendly tea stores so you can get teas without buying five pounds at a time.

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