About This Blog


Steep Inclined is a loose-leaf tea blog for beginning tea drinkers here in the United States*. Well, beginning as well as casual, budding, exploring, and otherwise enthusiastic without being an “expert.”

So, this blog is about things like:

  • Different kinds of tea (both general, like “black tea,” and specific, like “Earl Grey” or “Da Hong Pao”)
  • How to make tea
  • Where to find said tea
  • Teaware, tea storage, tea accessories, and other tea paraphernalia
  • Tea cultures from around the world

This blog is NOT about:

  • My personal tea reviews
  • The Unfathomable Evils of Bagged Tea (Because whatever.)
  • How I trekked all the way to Yunnan, China to sample the world’s rarest tea (I didn’t.)
  • How I lost thirty pounds in thirty days by drinking magical natural weight loss tea (Again, I didn’t.)
  • … You get the picture.

So, if you’ve never measured tea into a spoon before, this blog is for you. If you’ve been drinking Earl Greys and English Breakfasts for ages but want to expand your boundaries, this blog is for you. If you’ve got grandma’s tea set sitting around in your cabinet and figured you should finally put it to use, this blog is for you.

So put on a pot, pour yourself a cup, and come sip with us!


*Non-U.S. residents should also find this blog helpful. Except for tea store recommendations, because most of mine will be U.S.-based.

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